Biodentistry is the term that means holistic dentistry and the concept originally came from Germany. Each tooth represents an organ, acupuncture meridian etc. and if there is a problem with that tooth it can lead to a problem on that meridian and in that organ (see chart).

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It can also indicate that over time a problem in an organ can create a problem in that corresponding tooth. The biodentists also do not believe in toxic materials in the mouth, such as mercury, and minimize exposure to any such materials.  Another issue in the mouth can be galvanic currents that are created by incompatible metals. This can cause loss of energy and, in the case of mercury, vaporization and the release of mercury into the system.

The trick is to understand the basics of biodentistry and then to find someone who is knowledgeable and competent. A good biodentist is a dentist who has good skills in general dentistry including removing fillings, extractions including the dentate ligament, bite mechanics, cavitation removal, root canal removal and using the least toxic materials available. Their goal is to bring down the inflammatory reaction, allergen sensitivity, and immune system burden. It is important to find these underlying tooth problems; in Neural therapy they are considered foci. These foci are also known as obstacles to cure in homeopathy. These low grade toxicities, infections etc. bubble to the top of the immune system’s priority list. Until they are cleared up it can be nearly impossible to achieve good results in other chronic conditions and problems. The road block must be cleared before the road to good health may be traveled.

One of the best indicators for systemic reactivity including the teeth is via the CRT 2000 thermography. It can show if there are problems in each tooth and which meridian they are on. A good reference for a mercury free biodentist is the site

It is important to build up your system before removing the mercury and then to have a competent biodentist remove them. It is up to the dentist to determine how quickly to remove the mercury. If you are strong enough, then you can do more in one visit, otherwise it will be done by quadrant. It is a situation that depends on the individual and their health status.

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